Queen Part 2: No More

Part two represents this trilogy from a loving daughter’s (whose just had enough) point of view. Enjoy!


I Smiled when I wanted to cry, and sat when I wanted to fly.

Chained by the love I bared, only because I wish she cared.

This pretty hurts..no this prettys a curse, cause pretty only makes things worse.

My wounds will heal, it’s no big deal, yet these scars remain and pains revealed.

But I won’t show weakness, I will not break, I will display what my pain creates.

I’ve obtained the path to show I’m Great!

I’ll be ok, I be just fine.

I will be the queen that holds her head high.

I’ve come so far with miles to go, and everyone knows, “what you reap, you sow”.

I wish her the best, but her reign is through,

Now step aside the NEW QUEEN is coming through!





Image source and copyrights goes to Mark Owen/Trevillion images; http://www.trevillion.com

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