Queen: My Queen

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 11.38.45 PM

Speak when only spoken to, your queen is here to deliver you.

Your life is mine and I’m not kind, never steal my light to shine!

Your beautiful heart, your beautiful mind, I mend and bend to make them mine.

You’re loved by many yet love so few, why is that? I wish I knew…

My feelings are hurt but I’m not blind, I know that I have been unkind.

I want you to forgive and forget, If you say no, I’ll get upset!

I deserve this, I deserve that! Do this I say! I SAID do that!

Around, Around, Around this goes, when will it end only GOD knows.

She is my Queen, I know this is true,

But I’m not a child anymore, I’m a Queen too!






image source and copyrights belong to Mark Owen and http://www.trevillion.com


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