Queen Part 3: Tears

Thanks so much for sticking around! If you haven’t already check out part one and two of this trilogy! I’ve had a great time making it and I hope you enjoy!


Say yes to be accepted,

say no and be rejected.

The things I do, the words I say,

they make a difference everyday.

Say yes so that I don’t say no,

don’t want to let the old queen go.

She’s been through many the ups and downs,

pain settling from the heavy crown.

I want to help but I cannot shake,

how deep the scars her words may make.

So I won’t look back it’s time to go,

the path I’m on is long and narrow.

So much to do, So much to see,

I’ve cried from pain but now from glee,

My heart and mind have been set free.

As I look into my lake of tears,

I see a Queen who has no fear.

No more tears left to cry,

No more tears my eyes are dry!

This lake of tears that I have cried,

will be the place I say goodbye.

No weights, no chains, or strings attached,

My kingdom’s ahead, I won’t look back.

image reference MON72695 Credit line: Mark Owen/Trevillion Images

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